The Inland Empire Nurses Association is a non-profit organization representing nurses in District 4 of the Washington State Nurses Association. IENA’s jurisdiction presently includes the counties of Spokane, Stevens, Lincoln and Pend Oreille.


The purposes of the Inland Empire Nurses Association (IENA) are to:

  1. Work for the improvement and availability of health standards and the availability of health care
    services for all people.
  2. Foster high standards of professional nursing.
  3. Stimulate and promote the professional development of nurses.

IENA members are encouraged to actively participate in community based projects that can result in a positive impact in one or more of these areas. If you have an idea for a project that could meet a health need in the IENA area then you are eligible to apply for a Mini-Grant. Up to three grants not to exceed $500 each will be awarded each fiscal year.

Eligibility Criteria

The project must:

  1. Address a current health need in the area served by the IENA.
  2. Involve the participation of at least one member of IENA.
  3. Include collaboration with at least one local non-profit 501(c) (3) organization and/or other
    community organization.
  4. Involve participation of nursing students, registered nurses, and/or other health care
    professionals, if possible.

Sample Projects

  • Present a Bicycle Safety Awareness program and use funds to purchase bike helmets for disadvantaged children.
  • Collaborate with a homeless shelter to provide health services to clients.
  • Organize and present a Health Fair for families at risk or underserved.
  • Coordinate a Health Education seminar at a local Senior Center.

NOTE: Funds may not be used to lobby government officials or influence legislation.

Application Information

Please use the Application on the next two pages to apply for a Mini-Grant. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis. The required information should be submitted electronically to the IENA office email address.

For more information contact the IENA Office at:

Inland Empire Nurses Association
222 West Mission Avenue, Suite 231
Spokane, WA 99201
Email address:

2019 Nurses Speak Legislative Reception


2017 Winners of $1,000: Jamie Abrahamson, BSN, FNP Student, Gonzaga University; Teresa Bigand, MSN, PhD Student, Washington State University; Annalisa Brombach, BS, ADN Student, Spokane Community College; Elena Butov, ADN, RN, BSN Student, Boise State University; Cassandra Dubbels, BSN, FNP Student, Gonzaga University.


2016 Winners of $1,000: Jennifer Banks, ADN Student, Spokane Community College; Christina Duncan, BSN, MSN/DNP Student, WSU College of Nursing; Anna Nedashkovskiy, ADN Student, Spokane Community College; Allesondra Straggi, ADN Student, Spokane Community College; Valeriy Titov, ADN Student, Spokane Community College.

2015 Winners of $1,000: Ruth Bryant, MS, RN, CWOCN, PhD Student, WSU; Wendy Buenzli, PhD, RN, Univ of Southern Mississippi; Aaron Roberts, RN, BSN, DNP Student, WSU; and Amber Hambrecht, RN, BSN Student, Gonzaga University.

2014 Winners of $1,000: Cameron Good, RN, BSN, DNP/FNP Student, WSU; Bobbi Woodward, RN, BSN, FNP Student, WSU; Rachel Inman, RN, BSN, FNP Student, Gonzaga University; Tiffany Palmer, BSN Student, Gonzaga University.

2013 Winners of $1,000: Rhianna Brady, WSU BSN Student; Rebecca Clark, Chamberlain College BSN Student; Christiana Link, Spokane Community College RN and Student.

2012 Winners of $1,000: Katrina Harris, WSU BSN Student; Todd Demars, WSU BSN Student; Awet Berhe, WSU BSN Student.

2011 Winners of $1,000: Alison Houchin, BSN, RN, FNP-S; and Kathryn Ormsby, RN, MSN.

2010 Winners of $1,500: Peggy Slider and Kristina Benefield.