Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of this award is to honor an IENA member for a lifetime of exemplary dedication and service to nursing and/or outstanding contribution to nursing.

Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an IENA member for outstanding achievement and contributions to the:

  • Professional Association
  • Profession
  • Health care system
  • Community

Excellence in Nursing Practice Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an IENA member for his/her excellence in nursing practice. Any area of nursing practice may be submitted such as:

  • Hospital
  • Community
  • Consultants
  • Mental health
  • Home health care
  • School
  • Public health
  • Long-term care
  • Education
  • Other
  • Office
  • Midwife
  • Independent practice
  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Nurse lawyer
  • Military

Excellence in Research Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an IENA member for outstanding achievement and contribution in furthering nursing research by having:

  • Communicated own research findings
  • Promoted and facilitated research in less experienced individuals


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After reviewing many submissions, it is our privilege to announce the winners of our Nursing Awards for 2023.


Mikey Anne O’Sullivan, MSN, RN

Excellence in Nursing Leadership

Nominated by: Cheri Osler
Mikey O’Sullivan is a highly committed nurse and nurse educator. She has been working as an RN in various nursing leadership positions since 2008, such as maternal health director, prenatal services manager, and triage nurse. She is a nursing professor and Spokane Community College’s nursing simulation center director.

Professor O’Sullivan is very popular among her students and passionate about sharing her knowledge and creating a safe and high-quality learning environment. She also holds a leadership position at IENA/WSNA since 2017, including board secretary and presently the co-president of IENA. Moreover, she is a WSNA Board of Directors member and chair of WSNA’s Professional Nursing and Health Care Council. Lastly, Professor O’Sullivan played a significant role in writing the WSNA DEI white paper.

Professor O’Sullivan is a nursing professor and Spokane Community College’s nursing simulation center director. She is very popular among her students and passionate about sharing her knowledge and creating a safe and high-quality learning environment.

Mikey O’Sullivan is highly qualified for this award as a leader in the nursing profession and committed to the WSNA professional association.


Kathleen Thompson, BSN, RN, CDCESr

Excellence in Nursing Leadership

Nominated by: Susan Worster
Kathleen serves as a Certified Diabetic Educator.

Kathleen works tirelessly as our ONLY certified diabetic educator for the county and yet is the chair of our nurse practice committee. She models excellence in nursing from the bedside to the committee and community level. She seeks experiences outside her comfort zone (such as seeking to master NPWT skills when she was first hired) while leading our nurses in creatively tackling quality of care process issues.

She is a mentor for new nurses and a supportive ear for those of us who have been in practice for decades (40 years myself next year!) She has retained a deep compassion for each individual patient, a quality that often can dim over time. She refuses to compromise on treating the whole person in a climate where productivity is often valued over quality of care. I’m proud to nominate Kathleen for this award as no one is more deserving. I am so privileged to work alongside her.


Rian Williams, RN, BSN, RNC (NICU) WSNA Co-Chair

Excellence in Nursing Leadership

Nominated by: Jaclyn Smedley
Rian Williams is a NICU RN at SHMC who dedicates each day caring for the smallest, most vulnerable patients. Each day Rian reports to work, it’s the patients and the nurses she works along- side, who bring her to report to work each day. If you get to know Rian, you will know her dedication to the patients goes beyond the bedside.

She spends hours each week, as a WSNA Local Unit Officer answering the calls of a nurse who is in need of help, attending meetings with nurses who are in trouble, and building the unit for better unity and solidary among the nurses at Sacred Heart. Rian has been a member of the WSNA team since 2019 when she first introduced herself onto the scene helping to organize WSNA t-shirts for the nurses of Sacred Heart in the midst of the soon to be, strike campaign.

Soon after the strike campaign successfully ended, Rian stepped up to be a local unit officer, working as the Secretary for a couple of years, until the Treasurer role came open. Then after balancing the budget for several years, and just recently, Rian has stepped up to represent the nurses of Sacred Heart as the Co-Chair.

Aside from being a WSNA local unit officer, Rian serves on the Nurse Staffing Committee, which is a committee that was formed as a result of the Staffing Law in Washington State. Rian advocates for patients and nurses when it comes to safe patient care, and how much staff should be on a unit. The committee meetings are ling, and take 8 hours a day, occurring once a month, but this doesn’t sway Rian. She is dedicated and dependable to the nurses and patients and loves what she does.

You would think this all sounds like a lot, and it is, but you will be surprised to know Rian also helps to organize large events for the nurses of Sacred Heart. From Flatstick Pub to Brick West, to Big Barn Brew, its Rian at the heart of ensuring at least twice a year, the nurses come together in friendship to build the relationships of the nurses within the walls of Sacred Heart. ~over~


Mathew Breithaupt, RN

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Nominated by: Cassie Breithaupt
Matt has demonstrated excellence in nursing practice for all of his twenty-four years as an RN. He began his career at Deaconess in Labor& Delivery in 2001. He moved to Sacred Heart (also L&D) in August of 2005, where he currently still is.
In an overwhelmingly female-dominated area (nursing staff) Matt has been the only male RN for all but four or so of those years!

The care and attention he has given to his patients (and their families) over the years has been evident in the MANY cards of praise and thanks he has received. He works extremely hard to make sure each one has the best care possible while on his watch. Matt surely exhibits compassion in nursing in every way.
He has worked as both a staff nurse, doing charge and team leader, and for a brief time, working as an assistant manager. He proved that he has both the ability to lead his fellow coworkers, and also to work along side them. Matt truly deserves this award for excellence in practice.

The quality of Matt’s performance for excellence in practice, far surpasses that of anyone else. He is extremely well liked; held in high regard by patients, staff, and doctors alike. He is a strong leader, knows when to show restraint, confident and calm in (sometimes very) hard situations, gentle, patient, honest, and so kind. He exemplifies every quality that is, and should be, part of the nursing profession.


Jessica Eveland, RN (AGPU) Member at Large

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Nominated by: Jaclyn Smedley
Jessica Eveland is a Psych nurse from Sacred Heart. Jessica is a strong leader when it comes to making connections with those inside and outside the hospital. Jessica’s strength is in community connections, serving as the Vice President to the Executive Board of the Spokane Labor Council, as well as fulfilling her officer role at Sacred Heart as WSNA Member at Large. Jessica works to advocate for nurses by encouraging membership in WSNA at the local level and communicating the benefits and privileges of being a WSNA member to all current and newly hired nurses.

At the hospital, Jessica serves as the AGPU Unit Base Council Co-Chair, former member of the Sacred Heart WSNA Staffing Committee, Sacred Heart WSNA Workplace Violence Committee and WSNA Negotiating Team member for 2022 negotiations. Jessica worked as a Member of the WSNA strike committee which governed outreach on external communications for the 2019 Sacred Heart strike campaign.

In addition to these duties, Jessica ensures her work as a nurse goes beyond the bedside and into the community. She is a Member of the Executive Board for the Spokane Democrats, Member of the Executive Board for Greater Spokane Progress, Member of the WSNA Labor Executive Committee and Vice Chair to the WSNA Political Legislative Committee.

I am certain, there is more to Jessica’s sacrifice and volunteer work than this. Her work is not done as she is passionate about helping nurses and the Spokane Community.

There is no one more deserving of a community-based award!


Jordan Lovett, BSN, RNC-NIC

Excellence in Nursing Practice

Nominated by: Meaghan Giard
Jordan is an RN, Preceptor and Resource Nurse at Sacred Heart.

Jordan continues to excel in using evidence-based practice while also teaching new nurses in that same way with compassionate care and effective teaching methods. Jordan excels in nursing practice, providing excellence care to patients and their families. Safety and evidence-based practice is his top priority.


Nonie Kingma

Excellence In Nursing Leadership Award

Nonie has served the nurses of Sacred Heart for many years and in many capacities. She has been an outstanding negotiating team member, and most recently in the last several years, has held the important role of Chair of the Nurse Staffing Committee. Nonie is well-spoken, and known for pursuing what is right and just, with true grace. Nonie has enforced staffing matrices for safe patient care, and has demonstrated to her committee members what it takes to be a true leader.

Nominated by Jaclyn Smedley


Brenda Hoyer

Excellence In Nursing Practice Award

Brenda has been a Labor and Delivery RN for 24 years, a Special Care Nursery Nurse and a Charge nurse on her LDRP unit for 21 of those years. In 2010, when the LRDP unit expanded and the Special Care Nursery was upgraded to a Level 2 NICU, Brenda was instrumental in preparing her unit and the SCN nurses for their growing role. In her continued desire to strive for excellence, Brenda obtained her BSN in 2011.

Brenda’s personal and professional desire to continually strive for excellence, and encourage excellence in others made her the perfect candidate for this Excellence in Nursing Practice Award.

Nominated by Jennifer Evans